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Bo Lundwall
Bo Lundwall-Wildlife in Art
Bo Lundwall is born in Hultsfred, Småland 1953. For many years he had a studio in Vallentuna on the outskirts of Stockholm, but he has now returned to his home territory and has renovated Hultsfred Manor, which serves him as home, studio and gallery.

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Bo Lundwall
Bo Lundwall attended the Skåne Art School in Malmö and the Anders Beckman School in Stockholm. He works in oils, watercolours and tempera, and draws most of the motifs for his paintings from the changing phases in Scandinavia´s natural surroundings. He executes commissions from both companies and private individuals, holds regular one-man exhibitions, and has also taken part in joint exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.

Utställningar i urval:
Gallery Z Odensbacken 2004
Falsterbo art gallery Falsterbo 2004
Svindla kvarn Nötebro 2004
Gallery Under Lönnen Ungstorp 2004
Nortuna Wildlife art Västerås 2004
Österlen Eastern artexhibition 2004
Gallery Holmby 2004
Gallery Nykvarn, Enköping 2004
Nortuna Wildlife art Västerås 2003
Gallery Holmby 2003
Gallery Nykvarn, Enköping 2003
Österlen Eastern artexhibition 2003
Art Fair Sollentuna 2003
Virserum Art association 2002
Kulbackens Museum Västervik 2002
Swedish Museum of Natural History Stockholm 2002
Tullgarn Castle 2002
Falsterbo art gallery Falsterbo 2002
Wildlife in Art, Sala Silvergruva 2002
Hunters day, Bullerbyn 2002
Galleri under Lönnen - Ungstorp 2002
Oskarshamn Art Museum 2002
Art Fair Sollentuna 2002
Emmaboda art association 2001
Falsterbo art gallery Falsterbo 2001
Hargs bruk 2001
Gallery Nykvarn, Enköping 2001
Wildlife in art, Sala 2001
Galleri under Lönnen - Ungstorp 2001
Vetlanda art association 2000
Mönsterås art association 2000
Kopparslagaren Hultsfred 2000
Östhammar Hargs bruk 2000
Gallery Nykvarn 2000
Wildlife in art Sala 2000
Södertälje Gallery 2000
Eisenstadt Austria 1999
Virserum Art association 1999
Hunters day, Bullerbyn 1999
Gallery Holmby 1999
Wildlife in Art, Sala 1999
Gallery Nykvarn 1999
Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, The tour, USA 1999
Gallery Holmby, Flyinge 1998
Skogsstyrelsen, Jönköping 1998
Hunters day, Bullerbyn 1998
Wildlife in Art, Sala Silvergruva 1998
Öster-Malma, Björnlunda 1998
Coastline, Galleri Holmby, Flyinge 1998
Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, USA 1998
Himmelsberga Museum, Öland 1998
Modo Silverdalen 1998
Gallery Linné, Uppsala 1998
Bosjökloster, Höör 1997
Öster-Malma, Björnlunda 1997
Fox and pheasants in Art, Galleri Holmby 1997
Atlas Copcos Art association, Nacka 1997
Wildlife in Art, Sala Silvergruva 1997
Birds in Art exhibition, Galleri Holmby, Flyinge 1997
Miniatur exhibition, Galleri Linné, Uppsala 1996
Galleri 101, Malmö 1996
Artists of Hultsfred in Poland 1996
Wildlife in Art, Sala Silvergruva 1996
Nordic Wildlife Artists, Vimmerby 1996
Nordic Wildlife Artists, Skansen, Stockholm 1996
Årsta-Enskede Art association, Årsta 1995
Artfestival, Gallerian, Stockholm 1995
Hunters day, Bullerbyn 1995
Springexhibition, Stadshusets Art association, Stockholm 1995
Lions Artexhibition, Vallentuna Centrum 1995
Artist of the month, Vallentuna Art association 1995
Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna mässan 1995
Artexhibition, Täby Centrum 1995
Pets - City and countryside, Sollentuna mässan 1995.

Om utställningen
His detailed paintings will be familiar to many from the books he has illustrated over the years. They include "Trolls, their natural habit, lives and legends" and "Hunting and game in Scandinavia". His skills are also reflected in some of Sweden´s most attractive stamps depicting wildlife. He has contributed to the "Birds in Art" exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in the USA, and was selected to contribute to "The Best of Wildlife Art". He has also been represented in Christie´s Wildlife Art auction in London.

Bo Lundwall